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New generation Skoda Superb: two bodies, petrol or diesel, without mechanics

And even though the Skoda model has two body modifications instead of one in the related Passat, the Superb has fewer options in terms of power. The new family will enter the European market next year.

The first Skoda Superb, which debuted in 2001, was a variation of the Volkswagen Passat B5, but when creating the current new generation of cars, the Czechs already had the leading role: it was Skoda that was responsible for the development. The new Passat B9 was unveiled at the end of August, and now the fourth generation Superb has been presented. And if the “German” is now available only in a station wagon body (previously there was a sedan), then the Skoda Superb still comes in both the “barn” Combi form and with a liftback body.

Skoda Superb of four generations and the ancestor of the model from the 1930s

The machines are based on a modified MQB platform with the Evo prefix. In particular, thanks to the modernization, the Superb is offered an adaptive suspension DCC Plus: the new shock absorbers have two controlled valves – for compression and rebound. For “simple” versions of the Skoda model, this suspension is available for an additional fee, and the top version Laurin & Klement has it by default.

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As is the case with the new generation Skoda Kodiaq crossover, changes in the exterior design of the Skoda Superb are not revolutionary call it: it is, rather, an evolution of the style of its predecessor. Notable features include an aggressive front bumper, a more impressive radiator grille frame, LED strips in the headlights (the optics themselves can be matrix) and “touches” in the rear lights. Feature of the top version Laurin & Klement – ​​darkened chrome.

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The length of the liftback increased by 43 mm to 4912 mm, the station wagon added 40 mm (now 4902 mm), the width of both modifications, on the contrary, was reduced by 15 mm to 1849 mm. The height of the new Skoda Superb is 1481 mm (+12 mm), Superb Combi – 1482 mm (+5 mm). The wheelbase has not changed – 2841 mm. But the trunk has become more spacious: for the liftback, the volume of the cargo compartment has been increased from 625 to 645 liters, for the station wagon – from 660 to 690 liters. The aerodynamic drag coefficient Cd for the Superba is reduced by 10% (to 0.23), for the Combi it is reduced by 15% (from now on 0.25). The models are equipped with wheels with a diameter of 16 to 19 inches.

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The interior features a multi-layer front panel and a “floating” screen for the multimedia system. The tablet is 10 or 13 inches diagonal, although the related Volkswagen Passat has 12.9 or 15 inches displays. Already in the database, the new Skoda Superb has a 10-inch digital instrument panel.

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There are still three washers in the center, but now they have built-in screens: the brand has designated this complex as Skoda Smart Dials. The “knobs” are responsible for the “climate”, and the one in the middle can also adjust the volume of the audio system or switch driving modes. There are no more mechanics, and control of the DSG gearbox is assigned to the right steering column lever.

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New items from Simply Clever's roster include smartphone pockets on the front seatbacks, a tablet holder in the folding rear center armrest, and a power trunk lid (but only on the wagon). In total, the Simply Clever list includes 28 solutions. The arsenal of the new Skoda Superb also includes: a head-up display, wireless charging with cooling (built into the central tunnel) and many electronic assistants. By the way, a little later Skoda promises to add an automatic braking system when moving backwards that recognizes pedestrians.

Skoda Superb Laurin & Klement 1/3 Skoda Superb Laurin & Klement 2/3 Skoda Superb Laurin & Klement 3/3

The technology is the same as that of the same-platform VW Passat, but the “Czech” has fewer variations. The Skoda Superb petrol line includes 1.5 TSI (150 hp) and 2.0 TSI (204 or 265 hp). At the same time, the model with a basic turbo engine is a “mild” hybrid: such cars have a system for shutting off half of the cylinders and a 48-volt starter-generator. The 2.0 TDI turbodiesel has two versions instead of the Passat’s three: 150 or 193 hp. (Volkswagen still has a 122-horsepower version). All of the listed Superb modifications are equipped with 7DSG, the most powerful liftback and station wagon have all-wheel drive.

The rechargeable hybrid also remains in service, but in the new generation the PHEV version is provided exclusively for the “barn” Superb Combi. The installation included a 1.5 TSI and a six-speed DSG gearbox, in which an electric motor is built in, the total output is 204 hp, and only front-wheel drive. The hybrid Superb is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 25.7 kWh (the previous model has 13 kWh), and the station wagon can travel over 100 km on the WLTP cycle only on electric power. Note that the VW Passat also has a 272-horsepower hybrid version.

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V Sales of the new Skoda Superb will start in Europe next year, there are no prices yet. In the Czech Republic, for example, a liftback of the outgoing generation now costs from 880,900 local crowns (about 3.5 million rubles at the current exchange rate), a station wagon there will cost at least 920,900 crowns (about 3.66 million rubles).


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