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Patrushev warned about the consequences of insufficient funding for science

TOMSK, October 31Russian scientists, due to insufficient funding for their research, are forced to look for sponsors abroad, which creates the risk of leakage of important information to other countries, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev said at a retreat in Tomsk.
“In conditions of insufficient material and financial resources, Russian scientific organizations are forced to continue to turn to foreign counterparties, which creates risks of leakage of commercially attractive scientific and technical information abroad,” he warned.
Patrushev illustrated these and other nuances using the example of Siberia, stating that here “problems remain with the introduction into economic circulation of the results of intellectual activity obtained using budget funds.”

“First of all, these problems are associated with insufficient control on the part of managers of budget funds and development institutions over the conduct of research and development work by subordinate organizations,” he added.


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