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In Crimea, they announced the interest of foreign investors in the region

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MOSCOW, November 4 Crimea, despite the sanctions, remains an attractive investment region, including for foreign investors, reported head of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.
“”The volume of investments with foreign countries is not comparable to the period when we were in Ukraine. This sounds surprising, but then there were no sanctions, and no one was interested in Crimea. Today, Crimea, with its developed infrastructure and enormous investment opportunities, is of interest to many… Crimea “as before, despite everything, it has retained its investment attractiveness,” Konstantinov told reporters at the international exhibition and forum “Russia” at VDNKh.
The international exhibition and forum “Russia” at VDNKh opened on November 4. The exhibition will run until April 12, 2024. It is attended by 89 regions, 22 federal executive authorities (ministries, as well as the Federal Agency for State Reserves), 20 companies, corporations and public organizations, with a total of 131 expositions.

Crimea became a Russian region in March 2014 following the results of a referendum after the coup in Ukraine. In the referendum, 96.77% of voters in Crimea and 95.6% in Sevastopol were in favor of joining Russia. Ukraine still considers Crimea its temporarily occupied territory, and many Western countries support Kyiv on this issue. For its part, the Russian leadership has repeatedly stated that the residents of Crimea voted for reunification with Russia through democratic means, in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Crimea issue is “finally closed.”


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