GENERICO.ruCrimeOperation to free hostages begins at Hamburg airport

Operation to free hostages begins at Hamburg airport

Operation to free hostages has begun at Hamburg airport

A major police operation has begun at Hamburg Airport to free the hostages, RIA Novosti reports.

It was previously reported that an armed man was allegedly holding hostages there.

The operation is taking place directly on the airport runway. “We are now proceeding from a static hostage situation,” local police said.

It was reported that the suspect arrived at the Hamburg air harbor in a car with two children, and before that he set several arson attacks in the vicinity of the airport and several shot from a car once.

Earlier, his ex-wife called the police. She stated that the children's father took them without asking and was now heading to the airport. Information also appeared that the suspect drove up to the first terminal, fired two shots and fled. According to other sources, the man barricaded himself in a car with children. The police called a special unit to the scene of the emergency to free the hostages. A negotiator was sent to the attacker.

Meanwhile, all flights were redirected to other airports. Flights are still delayed. Passengers who were in the terminal premises were evacuated to a safe place.


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