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“There are no alternatives.” The US reported that Zelensky would have to give Russia

MOSCOW, November 4. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will have to come to terms with the surrender of territories to Russia during peace negotiations, retired American Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis said on his YouTube channel.

"Ukrainian lovers will not like this. We will have to somehow negotiate with Russia to end the fighting, which means they can keep the territory. The Americans are already beginning to agree with this,” says the expert.

According to him, the Ukrainian military will not be able to somehow influence the situation at the front, no matter how much money and weapons the United States and other allies supply them. The West is already beginning to push Ukraine toward the idea that for the sake of peace they will have to give up territories.

"Zelensky will have to come to terms with this, since there is simply no alternative. He cannot change reality in order to get what he wants, since conditions simply do not allow this,” Davis concluded.

Russia has repeatedly expressed its readiness to negotiate, but the Kiev authorities have introduced a ban on them. The Kremlin also noted that now there are no prerequisites for the situation to transition to a peaceful direction, while achieving the goals of the special operation remains an absolute priority for Moscow. According to Vladimir Putin, Russia has never refused dialogue, but the other side must say directly about its readiness for it.


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