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For a place in line to buy a ticket to The Nutcracker they are asking 15 thousand rubles

MOSCOW, November 4 Advertisements for the sale of tickets and bracelets for places in line at the box office for the ballet “The Nutcracker” at the Bolshoi Theater have appeared on Avito, the price varies from 15 to 50 thousand rubles, the advertisements say.
The sale of tickets to the Bolshoi Theater for the ballet “The Nutcracker” began on November 4 from 10 am at the box office. Tickets are sold strictly according to your passport, but to enter the box office you must first obtain a bracelet with a queue number. Sellers offer a “comfortable passage to the cash register” for 15 thousand rubles per person.

“Tickets with passports – everything is correct, but in order to go to the box office, you need to stand in line. You arrive, we give you a bracelet, you go in, buy yourself the tickets that are at the box office,” he said a seller offering such a service on Avito. According to him, there is no need to stand in line for tickets. “Come in right away, we have already stood up for you,” said the agency’s interlocutor. Payment for the service is made after going to the cashier.

Another ad offers pre-order tickets to The Nutcracker. A certain agency promises tickets with an advance payment of 50% of the total cost. They ask you to send the series and number of passports of those for whom tickets will be purchased, as well as wishes for dates and places. When asked about the guarantee of receiving tickets, they answer that there is none. “No guarantee. Only on trust,” said the Avito seller in a conversation with.

Earlier, there were reports in the media about a huge queue near the Bolshoi Theater for bracelets, which will be used to buy tickets to the performance. At the box office they noted that people are allowed in with bracelets, according to a previously developed algorithm. One person at the box office can buy a ticket for himself or a second adult spectator who is a relative. If a person has minor children, he can also buy tickets for them. The ticket cannot be renamed – it can only be returned.
Previously, the Bolshoi Theater published a special program for pre-sale of tickets for performances of the ballet “The Nutcracker” on its official website due to the increased demand for the performance. According to the sales schedule, for performances on December 23-28, pre-sale of tickets will begin at the theater box office from November 4, and on the website from November 5. Ticket sales for productions on December 29-31 will start on November 11 and 12 at the box office and on the website, respectively. Tickets for performances during the January holidays from January 2 to 7 will be available for purchase on November 18 and 19. At the second stage, tickets remaining after pre-sale at the box office will be available for purchase on the website and at the theater box office.

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