GENERICO.ruEconomicsPreviously dominant economies are gradually “blown away,” Siluanov said

Previously dominant economies are gradually “blown away,” Siluanov said

MOSCOW, November 4. The economies that dominated in the recent past are gradually “deflating”, and new ones are taking their place, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, speaking at an educational marathon as part of the exhibition “Russia”.

“The old systems are slowly becoming obsolete, new forces are coming, new economies are coming – China, Russia, India. The East is actively developing, and the old economies that previously dominated, both economically and politically, are gradually deflating,” he said.

According to Siluanov, similar situations have happened many times in world history, and these changes have always been painful. He noted that old economies that do not want to leave “cling to sanctions, the use of their currencies as weapons, to restrain other economies,” but tolerate this “for the sake of the common good and the preservation of what used to be,” while harming themselves to yourself.

“New economies are growing faster, new forces and muscles of countries are increasing and politically they are becoming more powerful, stronger,” the minister said.

He added that recently there has been a trend in which large economies, also called the golden billion, dictate their will to the whole world. However, other states, including Russia, also want to influence global processes, Siluanov noted. At the same time, he emphasized that an alternative to the old forces—the BRICS countries—is now growing stronger.

President Vladimir Putin has previously repeatedly criticized the “rules-based world order” promoted by the West. According to him, adherents of such a colonial approach can come up with them from time to time for their own benefit.
The exhibition-forum “Russia” will be held from November 4 to March 17 in Moscow, on the territory of VDNKh. As Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin previously reported, the exhibition will present, for example, the results of Russia’s cooperation with CIS partners in various industries.


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