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RusNews journalist Maria Ponomarenko was transferred to strict conditions of detention in a colony

Journalist Maria Ponomarenko, who is currently in a women's colony in the Altai Territory, was transferred to strict conditions of detention in the institution – such prisoners are reduced in the number of visits, expenses for food and the number of parcels. RusNews reports this.

As the colleagues of the convicted journalist note, “malicious repeat offenders and those who have repeatedly violated the rules under normal conditions” are sent to the maximum security detachment. You can try to return to general conditions after six months, “only by following a strict schedule,” RusNews added.

Prisoners under strict regime are allowed to:

  • Spend no more 7,800 rubles per month from your personal account for food and basic necessities. For other convicts serving their sentences in a general regime colony, this amount is equal to 9,000 rubles;
  • Have long and short-term dates three times a year. The rest are allowed to have six short-term and four long-term dates;
  • Receive three parcels or transfers and three parcels during the year. Prisoners under general conditions can receive six parcels or parcels and six parcels during the year;
  • Also convicted of under strict conditions, you can walk for an hour and a half a day, with good behavior – three hours a day.

In February, 45-year-old Ponomarenko was sentenced to six years in prison in the case of military “fakes” (paragraph “ d” part 2 of article 207.3 of the Criminal Code). The journalist was accused of publishing a post on the telegram channel “No Censorship” about a Russian airstrike on a drama theater in Mariupol.

In October, Ponomarenko was sent to punishment cell IK-6 in the Altai Territory three times due to the fact that She allegedly resisted the colony staff, lay in bed during the day after fainting and was unable to get out of bed at the request of the jailer due to severe back pain.

This week it became known that a criminal case was opened against the journalist for causing harm to prison guards that is not dangerous to their health (Part 2 of Article 321 of the Criminal Code). According to Ponomarenko, the victims were male colony employees. The journalist added that she did not attack anyone.


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