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Utility scammers have begun to act according to a new cunning scheme: they meet in person

Pensioners most often succumb to deception

The imagination of swindlers will probably never run out. Not long ago, scammers developed another scheme to deceive the population – they pretend to be representatives of management companies not in reality, but in the Internet space. They create fake one-day websites, post on them photographs of the real leaders of these management companies and open personal accounts for users. And all this in order to convince residents that they owe huge amounts of money for their “utilities.”

Pensioners most often succumb to deception

The followers of Ostap Bender have already managed to pull off similar scams in Chekhov, Voskresensk and Balashikha. However, their criminal activities are about to be stopped, since the police are now dealing with dubious individuals.

“It all started with a call to my home number,” says 63-year-old Chekhov resident Arina Vasilyeva. — The woman introduced herself as an employee of the management company and said that I had a debt of 63 thousand rubles. I was so dumbfounded. This simply cannot happen. I always pay on time and I have never had any debts. I was indignant, and the girl responded by suggesting that I go to the Criminal Code website and see for myself with my own eyes. Allegedly, I can see the payment in my personal account on their website.

My grandmother immediately replied that she was not computer literate. She has neither a computer nor a laptop. And she also doesn’t have grandchildren who could set up the Internet for her. Then a pseudo-employee of the pseudo-house management volunteered to help her. She said that she would come to her with the gadget and show the pensioner where she had accumulated debt.

Arina Maksimovna felt scared. The thought crossed her mind that swindlers were asking to visit her. But suddenly not? She decided to play it safe and invited her 35-year-old neighbor to visit. Surely two people won’t be deceived, she thought.

The meeting took place. A young lady of pleasant appearance came to visit a pensioner with a laptop. She met her along with a support group in the person of Marina. The women started talking, then turned their attention to the laptop, carefully examined the photographs of the management company’s employees, and finally registered a personal account for the grandmother. And what did the unfortunate Arina Maksimovna see in him? Her gigantic debt.

The helpful girl left the upset old lady with details for paying the debt. However, literally the next day, luck smiled on the future victim of the scammers. It turned out that neighbor Marina told this strange story about the debt to her colleagues at work. And then it turned out that a similar amount of debt was hanging on her colleague. Moreover, she paid the bills a month ago, just after the management company called.

Marina immediately suspected something was wrong, went to Arina Maksimovna and convinced her not to pay any details, but to go to the police first. It was there that the crime scheme was revealed. It turned out that the scammers had already deceived four people in this way. The same amount popped up in everyone’s personal accounts. After studying the site, the police realized that the entrance to this office, even with different passwords, is the same. Well done, nothing to say. Now law enforcement officers are looking for enterprising swindlers.


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