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Eight measures have been named to slow down the aging of the body up to six years

“As heart health improves, biological aging slows down.”

Scientists have named eight health measures that can slow down the body’s aging process by six years. These measures, including healthy sleep and regular exercise, help slow down the rate of biological aging of the body.

According to US experts, keeping your body weight, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure under control while maintaining a healthy sleep and eating routine, regular physical activity and quitting smoking can slow down the aging process by about six years.

< p>According to The Guardian, new research shows that following these measures promotes good heart health, which in turn can slow the rate of biological aging by up to six years.

The results, based on data from more than 6,500 adults with an average age of 47 years, were presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) scientific meeting in Philadelphia.

The researchers said that people with the best cardiovascular health were biologically approximately six years younger—the rate at which they aged each year they lived—than their actual age.

“These findings help us understand the relationship between chronological age and biological age and how adopting healthy lifestyle habits can help us live longer,” said Donald Lloyd-Jones, chair of the writing team for Life's Essential 8, the AHA's health assessment tool.

“Everyone wants to live longer, but more importantly, we want to live healthier longer so that we can truly enjoy and have a good quality of life for as many years as possible,” says Lloyd-Jones, former president -AHA volunteer.

Life's Essential 8 aims to measure heart health based on four modifiable lifestyle indicators and four modifiable health markers.

To measure a person's phenotypic, or biological, age, researchers tested their metabolism, organ function, and inflammation.

Phenotypic acceleration of aging is the difference between a person's biological age and their actual age, with higher values ​​indicating faster biological age. aging.

After accounting for social, economic and demographic factors, the researchers said having the highest Life Essential 8 score, which signifies good cardiovascular health, was associated with biological age about six years younger.

Senior author of the study Nour Makarem, assistant professor of epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York, said: “We found that better cardiovascular health is associated with slower biological aging, as measured by phenotypic age.

“We also found a dose-dependent relationship—as heart health improves, biological aging slows.”

For example, the average actual age of people with good heart health was 41 years, although their average biological age was 36 years; and the average actual age of those with poor cardiovascular health was 53 years, although their average biological age was 57 years.

Makarem said: “More adherence to all 8 vital signs and improvement Cardiovascular health can slow down your body's aging process and provide many benefits later in life.”

Finally, The Guardian lists eight health measures identified by the American Heart Association. Eat a healthy diet. Be more active. Quit smoking. Ensure yourself a healthy sleep. Maintain a healthy weight. Control your cholesterol levels. Monitor your blood sugar levels. Monitor your blood pressure.


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