GENERICO.ruWorldSource: Yemeni Army Chief of Staff survived assassination attempt

Source: Yemeni Army Chief of Staff survived assassination attempt

CAIRO, Nov 7 Chief of Staff of the Yemeni Army, Lieutenant General Sahir bin Aziz on Tuesday survived an assassination attempt in the northeastern province of Marib when a car bomb exploded on the path of his convoy, a military source said.
“”On Tuesday, a car bomb exploded on a street in the city of Marib as he was passing by A convoy of Lieutenant General bin Aziz passed him, three of his accompanying persons were injured, and he miraculously survived the explosion,” the source said.
He added that this was the third attempt on the life of the chief of staff of the army. The explosion occurred as he was driving after a meeting with member of the Yemeni Governing Council Sultan al-Arada, which took place in the city of Marib, where fighting is taking place between the Yemeni army and forces on the side of the Houthis who seized power in the north of the country.

In Yemen with Since 2014, the confrontation between the Houthis and the internationally recognized government, which is supported by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, continues.


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