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Zurabishvili called on Georgians to express their desire to join the EU

TBILISI, November 7 Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili called on fellow citizens to gather November 8 at the residence of the head of state in Tbilisi and express his desire to join the European Union, thus reacting to the incident on the border with South Ossetia.
Earlier, the KGB of South Ossetia reported that two drunken citizens in a car violated the border of the republic. In the vicinity of the village of Amdzarin, Leningorsky district, when they tried to detain them, they resisted, and the border guards had to shoot. One of the violators was seriously injured and was transferred to Georgia for emergency medical care, the second was detained. As reported by the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of South Ossetia on post-conflict settlement issues, Egor Kochiev, the incident is being discussed within the framework of the IPRM.
Zurabichvili said that on November 8 she is expected to receive a report from the EU on whether Georgia has fulfilled the recommendations provided to it previously in order to obtain EU candidate status. In this regard, Zurabishvili planned to organize a gala concert.

“Tomorrow there will be no concert, but this is not important now. We will get together and begin, as planned, a signature collection campaign, since Russia will never be able to change our agenda. This is an example from our past that Georgia has never changed its path, this is the choice of the people and this will be our response to the murder of Tamaz Ginturi (one of the two violators of the border of South Ossetia – ed.)… Our answer is that we will enter Europe and get what Georgia deserves – to be together with the European family and in a peaceful future,” Zurabishvili said at a briefing. According to her, the action will take place at 20.00 local time (19.00 Moscow time).


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