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A resident of Kaliningrad ate stolen five thousand rubles

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KALINGRAD, November 8A resident of Kaliningrad is accused of stealing money from a seller’s bag in a cafe, and when the risk of being caught red-handed was too great, he destroyed the evidence by eating part of the banknotes, the press service of the Kaliningrad Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.
As the police said, the Kaliningrad resident took out the money when the saleswoman was gone for a while. However, when she returned, the woman discovered that the banknotes were missing, but she was not taken aback and locked the front door.

“When the man realized that he couldn’t get out of the cafe, he hid some of the money behind a pipe in the toilet, where the police later found it. The man ate another five thousand rubles,” the report says.

As the department's press service said, the appearance of law enforcement officers did not spoil the kidnapper's appetite, and he continued to chew bills in front of the police. The attacker was detained by police patrol officers. A criminal case has been initiated under Part 2 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (theft). At the same time, the man was released on his own recognizance.
It is noted that while one crime was being investigated, the man decided to commit another. According to the department, while visiting, he stole money from the owner of the apartment in rubles, euros and Tajik somoni for a total amount of more than 33 thousand rubles. Another criminal case has been opened.


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