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Putin pulled Russia out of the abyss and restored its dignity, Matvienko said

MOSCOW, November 6 Russian President Vladimir Putin pulled Russia out of the abyss in which it was in the difficult 90s, returned dignity to the country, said Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko.
“In the 1990s, we were hanging over an abyss,” said the speaker during the forum “Knowledge. First”. She recalled that in the 90s there were delays in the payment of salaries and pensions, and there was unemployment.

“Thanks to the experience, tact, and diplomacy of our president, step by step he began to pull our country out of the abyss. Over 23 years, we realized that we are a separate civilization, unique in the world. He returned dignity to our country,” – said the politician.

She also noted the Russian leader's contribution to restoring Russia's defense capability. At the same time, Matvienko noted that back in 2007, in his Munich speech, Vladimir Putin spoke about the end of the previous world order.
Speaking about significant events in the modern history of Russia, Matvienko named the reunification of Crimea and new regions with the Russian Federation. According to the legislator, “the Crimean spring became a special point of assembly of the new Russia.”

The speaker named the second event the popular vote on amendments to the Constitution of Russia in 2020. “The changes, which were supported by the absolute majority of our citizens, strengthened our sovereignty, consolidated the priority of national legislation over international legislation, the fact that our country is a social state, which means a number of obligations that the state undertakes to society,” Matvienko said.
A historical event for modern Russia, according to her, was also the adoption of the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, as well as the announcement of the President of the Russian Federation that our country has ultra-modern weapons.


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