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Experts spoke about the use of nuclear power plants on future satellites

MOSCOW, November 8. For the exploration of near space, Russia needs to create a full cycle of production of energy storage systems in electrochemistry and develop the direction of hydrogen systems to provide spacecraft with high energy sources specific power and capacity, said Boris Bokarev, a member of the EnergyNet working group of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).
“”These can be mini-nuclear power plants with a power of more than 1 thousand watts per kilogram or post-lithium storage devices with a specific capacity of more than 600 watt-hours per kilogram; there is an area of ​​application for solar panels with an efficiency of more than 28 percent and various special qualities, for example, biodegradability,” Bokarev said on the sidelines of the “National Technological Revolution” conference (barcamp).
General Director of the aerospace corporation “New Space” (a member of the AeroNet NTI market) Anton Alekseev, in turn, noted the prospect of using engines for spacecraft based on nuclear energy.

“However, engines will also be common that will use hydrogen as a working fluid, which can be extracted from water found in space,” the expert noted.

He recalled that today so-called chemical and electric propulsion engines are used in space technology.


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