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Golovin will become a Monaco legend: why the Russian won’t go to a top club

Alexander Golovin has already twice been recognized as player of the month in Monaco “and was included in the League 1 team four times during the season. The Russian became a real leader of the team, one of the fans’ favorites. However, for our footballer this is most likely the ceiling. He is unlikely to rise higher.
When Golovin moved to France five years ago, it seemed that the midfielder would not stay at Monaco for long. He will play for a couple of seasons, prove himself and go to a top club. The Monegasques, of course, were on the rise then, but no one in Russia considered them the highest step in their career.
However, the team from the tiny principality did not become an intermediate stage for Alexander. For a couple of seasons the club was in a fever – they changed coaches, unsuccessfully looked for a game. Golovin was in the starting lineup, but it was very difficult to prove himself in such a team.

The Russian began scoring and assisting regularly only in his third season in League 1. It seemed that there was a chance to get into a top club. Golovin became one of the leaders. And the next year there were injuries and unstable results for Monaco again, the coach was changed again.

Only last season (fifth in France) Alexander managed to fully open up. Golovin was healthy, the coach held his post for a surprisingly long time and found an almost ideal role for the Russian as a left winger. The midfielder had the best season in Europe – scoring 16 points (8+8) using the goal+pass system, he entered the top 20 of Ligue 1.
In the summer at Monaco he followed the proven path – he changed coaches. However, adjustments to the gaming model did not shake the Russian’s position. Golovin, who moved from the position of an outside midfielder to an inside position, continues to demonstrate brilliant football and regularly scores. Five goals and two assists in 10 matches.
The Russian has found stability in France and regularly brings victories to the team. It would seem that now is the time to take the next step, but it is gradually becoming clear that the leadership role in Monaco is the peak of Alexander’s career. There will be no top club ahead.

Despite his usefulness, Golovin is not so bright and strong as to occupy a similar “post” in a stronger club. The Russian could go to Borussia, Milan or Atlético, but what awaits him there? If even at the dawn of his European career it took several years to adapt, now Golovin simply will not have time to build up.

At the end of the season, Alexander will turn 28 years old. When moving to another club and championship, at first he will be a rotation player at best. And there are no guarantees that Golovin, even in a season or two, will make it to the base of the same Borussia. Why waste the best years of his career on this?
In the spring, the Russian extended his contract with Monaco and emphasized that a French bird in his hands is more important to him than an abstract top club somewhere in the unknown. The Russian plays constantly, is a leader and a fan favorite. There is no point in giving up everything for a small chance to get to a higher level.
Therefore, everyone who is worried about Golovin’s fate should get used to the idea of ​​the Russian’s long career at Monaco. He will play for the Monegasques for several more years, score goals, bring victories in the championship and European cups. Then he will return to Russia to finish the game. An excellent option, for which neither Alexander himself nor his fans will be ashamed.
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