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Guterres advocated establishing Palestinian authority in Gaza

UN, 8 Nov. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres advocates establishing renewed Palestinian authority in the Gaza Strip after Israel's operation is completed.
“I believe that there is a best-case scenario and we should try to achieve it (implementation – ed.). It is important to give hope to the Palestinian people. From my point of view, the best scenario would be that after the end of the military operation, the Palestinian authorities – I hope “The renewed Palestinian Authority has been able to gain political control in Gaza,” Guterres said during a conference organized by Reuters.

“Of course, there is a transit that needs to be determined – a transit from the Israeli occupation to the future. A number of parties can play a role, a number of countries in the region, the United States can play a role,” he added.

According to him, this needs to be discussed with the Palestinians and Israelis.
“This would then become the starting point for serious negotiations on a two-state solution. Because sometimes, I believe that the most terrible tragedies become an opportunity (for a breakthrough – ed.). Nothing was resolved, the Palestinians were losing hope. Maybe “Perhaps this dire situation may create an opportunity to create a movement towards a two-state solution,” he added.


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