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The expert explained how satellites from different countries will be united

MOSCOW, November 9 Satellites of space powers from different orbits will be united to work in a single system controlled by artificial intelligence over the next 10 years, this opinion was expressed in a conversation with Advisor to the General Director of the EKIPO company, Aeronet NTI market expert Vyacheslav Temkin.
“”In the next 10 years, the number of satellites with various functionality in different low space orbits will grow. In terms of functionality in the coming years, this will include the Internet, direct communication, remote sensing, navigation, control and management of equipment and other tasks. Probably stronger “space players” “Or rather, all the space powers, in the next 10 years will link satellites from different orbits into a single system controlled by artificial intelligence,” Temkin said on the sidelines of the “National Technological Revolution” conference (barcamp).
He also noted that in recent years the role of unmanned aircraft for military and civilian use, as well as unmanned boats, has sharply increased. Solutions for controlling drones and swarms of drones from space, according to the expert, should also appear within 10 years.

Temkin emphasized that the technological development of near space, that is, altitudes of 150-200 kilometers, has enormous potential and will make it possible to effectively solve issues of the country’s economy and defense. According to him, the realization of this potential will be facilitated by the emergence of new developments, materials and technologies.

Now, in order to explore near space in Russia, it is necessary to develop an affordable and high-quality domestic electronic component base, create and develop modern low-cost payloads, new materials, as well as IT solutions, the expert believes. In addition, unification and alternative launch vehicles, such as light-class missiles, are necessary, Temkin concluded.


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