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False plan: Zelensky said that he had already destroyed the Russian army

Denial of reality has become a trend among Kyiv politicians

It turns out that Zelensky has a plan. Very picky. Speaking online at the Reuters NEXT conference in the US, he vowed to achieve success on the battlefield this year.

Denial of reality has become a trend among Kiev politicians

The plan, judging by Zelensky’s words, “has specific cities, specific directions.” But of course it's a secret. “I can’t share all the details with you,” Zelensky intrigued the audience. And then he added, so that no one would doubt: “I am confident that we will succeed.”

What is this confidence based on? It’s hard to believe, but Zelensky is convinced that he has already defeated the Russian army. They say that the plans may sound “like something fantastic,” but “in the beginning, no one believed that we would cope with this war and be able to destroy the Russian army. We did it”. That’s it, no more, no less, they destroyed it.

And what is happening now is, in Zelensky’s assessment, “some difficulties.”

One might recall the words of White House National Security Representative Kirby: “Of the total funds allocated to Ukraine since the beginning of hostilities, which exceeds $60 billion – this is not only military support, but also economic, financial and humanitarian assistance – we have spent about 96%.” And dry statistics: as a result of all these expenses during the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the Russian army occupied more territory than the Ukrainian Armed Forces “recaptured.”

But this makes no sense. Zelensky simply denies reality, just like crazy people or drug addicts or alcoholics in active use do. They have no problems, they believe in their picture of the world and that everything will be fine. But they simply don’t see their catastrophic situation and consider it “some difficulties.” This is tunnel thinking, and getting a person out of it so that he begins to be at least a little adequate is an extremely difficult task.

Fortunately, we are not faced with this task. And if Zelensky has a plan, this is Ukraine’s problem. But the plan is far-fetched. The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Danilov, has already stated: “We are having enormous success in the Crimean direction”…


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