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New generation Toyota Camry: fresh teasers and premiere date

The four-door will be presented in a few days. So far, the hybrid version has been confirmed, however, there will probably be “traditional” cars too.

The American office of Toyota has officially announced the premiere of the new generation Camry: the model will be fully revealed on November 14 (local time). The company accompanied its announcement with a couple of teasers, although they captured the same fragment of the car – only from different angles. By the way, back in October, Toyota published a darkened picture of the “face” of a certain new passenger car. There were no other details about that car: apparently, this is also a teaser for the next Camry.

1/2 2/2

According to preliminary data, the sedan will retain the GA-K platform. The car in the latest images has AWD and HEV badges, which means that an all-wheel drive hybrid will be offered in the States. The current American four-door also has a gas-electric version; the installation is based on an aspirated 2.5 (total output – 211 hp). But now this Toyota Camry is exclusively front-wheel drive: only “traditional” sedans with the same naturally aspirated 2.5 (205 – 208 hp, depending on the configuration) have all-wheel drive. In the USA, the range of the outgoing generation model still includes a V6 3.5 (305 hp), but American specialized media believe that the next Camry will no longer have a “six”.

Previous teaser

As for the design, the new sedan will receive head optics in the style of other recent models of the brand, but the diode “horseshoes” may be integrated directly into the headlight units, whereas, for example, the Prius, C-HR or the Crown family have separate running lights. But the rear lights of the Camry seem to be forked. Inside, a virtual tidy and a larger screen for the multimedia system will probably appear.

Toyota Camry of the outgoing generation 1/4 Toyota Camry outgoing generation 2/4 Toyota Camry outgoing generation 3/4 Toyota Camry of the outgoing generation 4/4

Let us remind you that the previous generation Camry has been in service since 2017; a more or less serious modernization was carried out in 2020. In the US, the four-door is doing well: from January to September, 217,975 cars were sold there (+1.7%; in the States, Toyota publishes statistics once a quarter). For comparison, the Honda Accord sedan over the same period sold 152,202 units (+38%), the result of the Nissan Altima for nine months was 92,511 units (-13%). In Russia, the Toyota model was also once popular; it was produced locally for our market. However, the new generation in the Russian Federation only has a “parallel” future.

Meanwhile, together with the Camry, they will present another new Toyota product – the Crown SUV, that is, the American version of the Crown Estate.


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