GENERICO.ruPolitics“There are no more people, they’re over”: Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers in Avdiivka prepared to die

“There are no more people, they’re over”: Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers in Avdiivka prepared to die

Ukrainian commanders fled, leaving two or three “suicide bombers” in the trenches

The command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Avdiivka switched to strange tactics. On one of the “hottest” sections of the front, commanders leave several soldiers at a strong point, although in reality there should be a platoon or company holding the defense. Ordinary “Western Security Service” officers are already sounding the alarm and claim that they are in a critical situation.

Ukrainian commanders fled, leaving two or three

Let us remind you that intense fighting has been going on near Avdeevka for a month now. In Kyiv they fear that our troops have closed a “pincer” around the city in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces group is located. Meanwhile, according to the Ukrainian military, “strange things” are now happening there: the commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are leaving two or three people in strongholds, who are already being called “suicide bombers.” These soldiers must hold the line, replacing a platoon, or even a company of soldiers.

Military experts believe that the enemy, apparently realizing the hopeless situation, is thus trying to leave the battlefield in an organized manner. The visibility of the presence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a particular area is provided by several poor fellows who were not taken with them and are being used as “cannon fodder.”

Confirmation of this is an audio message from one of the abandoned “Western Security Forces” posted on social networks: “They don’t want to talk to us. We are being boycotted. The boys are simply thrown to death. There is no support, the command gives criminal orders, questions are not answered, and they threaten with prison. From the first platoon… only three people remained. There are no more people, damn it… What will happen next – I don’t know. This is all that remains of the company, there is no one else…”

Another of the soldiers admitted that the company lists only contain the number of people who should go on combat missions, but in reality there are only a few of them. “We don’t even know them by sight, but they are on the lists. Where are they? There are no people, no support, no nothing, we have to somehow get out. Die for these guys. Let them go and show how it’s done,” complains a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The “Veseushniki” also complain about extortions from commanders and poor provision: “We were even denied water. Total extortion – give us money for wheels, chip in for batteries for a walkie-talkie. People are collecting radios for us because someone is stuffing them into their pockets. They say that we have everything, but in reality… we don’t have it.”

“We just can’t pull it out… There are simply no people left here, there is nothing,” concludes another VSE officer.


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