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Medvedev appreciated proposals to admit Ukraine to NATO without Crimea and Donbass

MOSCOW, Nov 12 Ideas being thrown around in Europe accepting Ukraine into NATO without Crimea and Donbass means that these territories are no longer Ukraine in their understanding, Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said in a telegram channel and suggested moving on.
“Europe is seething. On the streets, hundreds of thousands of people are protesting against the cynical Western support for violence in Gaza. Under the guise of much Middle Eastern bloodshed, some current and former NATO officials are carefully spreading new ideas about Ukraine. They say that it should be accepted into the Alliance, but without Crimea and Donbass. Therefore, these territories are definitely no longer Ukraine in their understanding,” he wrote.
Medvedev noted that this is not bad, but it is important to go further. “We must admit that Odessa, Nikolaev, Kyiv, and practically everything else is not Ukraine at all,” he believes.

After this, according to Medvedev, there will be “only three steps left until the recognition of the obvious: Zelensky, who does not go to the polls, is not a president, but a usurper”, “the Ukrainian language is not a language, but a surzhik”, “ Ukraine is NOT a country, but artificially collected territories.”

“What then should we accept into NATO, you ask. Well, we can accept the city of Lemberg with its surroundings (still the Lviv region), if they really insist there,” he added.

Medvedev also put forward the idea of ​​“generally aiming for more, once again expanding the criteria for membership in the Alliance.”
“Take and invite Israel there along with Palestine, turning eternal enemies into allies. And in addition to them Afghanistan. For nothing, perhaps, the NATO members sat there for twenty years. Then enlightened democracy in Anglo-Saxon will reign in the Middle East manners. And complete happiness will come,” he wrote.


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