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Source: tanker that ran aground off Sakhalin could not be removed

VLADIVOSTOK, November 12 The tanker “Victoria”, which ran aground on Friday off the southern coast of Sakhalin, could not be removed on Sunday, rescue crews work has been postponed until Monday, a source familiar with the situation said.
The rescue tug “Otto Schmidt”, as previously reported, approached the stranded oil tanker “Victoria” on Friday evening. The source reported that weather conditions did not allow the ship to be refloated: rescue operations were postponed.
“Today the rescue tug “Otto Schmidt” tried to refloat the emergency vessel. They worked almost all day, but they couldn’t remove the tanker: they couldn’t move the towing line all the way. Rescue work will continue tomorrow,” the agency source said .

The tanker Victoria, assigned to the port of Vladivostok, ran aground on Friday 400 meters from the coast near Cape Lopatina in the Nevelsky district of Sakhalin. On board the emergency vessel there is a crew of ten citizens of the Russian Federation, no one needs medical care, there is a supply of water and food. According to the captain, the ship ran aground with the stern part, the bow part is above the water, the ship is anchored, but is completely de-energized. On Victoria, the main engine is faulty, the steering group is damaged, the team started an emergency diesel generator.

On board there are 760 tons of petroleum products, of which 60 tons are own fuel.


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