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“Worst investment.” The US was horrified by NATO's miscalculation in Russia

MOSCOW, Nov 12. The conflict in Ukraine has made Russia is only stronger, said former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter in an interview with journalist Danny Haiphong.

"There is not a single unit of NATO forces that could hold out against the Russians for more than a week. This is the reality. Therefore, all those people who say: “We kill Russians, this is our best investment,” you don’t know what you’re talking about. This is the worst investment, because all we achieve is making Russia stronger every day,” the expert said.

He argues that Russia’s armed conflict with the United States and NATO in the current conditions , after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, will only result in colossal losses and defeat for the States and the North Atlantic Alliance as a whole.

"The number of losses of our troops will be more than 3600 per day, we will lose approximately five to six thousand dead soldiers per day,” the intelligence officer summed up.

Previously, US presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswami said that the United States should by all means avoid a collision with Russia and China, since such a large-scale conflict could lead to the complete destruction of the country.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not want a direct military clash with NATO, but if someone wants it, then Moscow is ready for it.


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