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Katya Lel's hit “My Marmalade” conquered foreign TikTok

MOSCOW, 14 Nov. Russian pop singer Katya Lel's hit “My Marmalade” became a trend among foreigners and went viral on TikTok.
English-speaking users are trying to repeat the words of the song, dressing in earflaps and fur coats, and at the same time talk about comical situations from your life.

The singer herself recently explained the meaning of the phrase “jaga-jaga.”

"For For me it is love and friendship, tenderness and joy. “Jaga-jaga” “This is the most beautiful thing on Earth,” said the singer.

Lel also admitted that she initially did not understand the meaning of the words in the chorus until the author of the hit, producer Maxim Fadeev, explained them.
“I also didn’t know what “jaga-jaga” was. When I saw the text and arrived in Prague, where Max Fadeev lived then, he asked: “You don’t know what this is? This means “Hey, how are you, everything is cool,” said the performer.
The track “My Marmalade” was released in 2004 and became the leader of the Russian charts.


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