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An assistant to a deputy from Krasnoyarsk received admin rights in the chat of the wives of mobilized women and deleted it due to calls for a rally

In Krasnoyarsk, Valentina Vorontsova, assistant to the regional legislative assembly deputy Elena Penzina, deleted the telegram chat of the wives mobilized due to calls for a rally. “Sirena” writes about this.

In the “Way Home – Krasnoyarsk” chat, the wives of those mobilized discussed plans to return their husbands from the war, in particular, the protest action that they planned to hold on November 19. Previously, city authorities refused to approve the rally, citing coronavirus restrictions.

Initially, Irina Cherepova was the chat administrator, but a few days ago she transferred the rights to the group to Vorontsova, citing workload, “hospital and children.” Penzina’s assistant was introduced as “a caring mother of two kids, the wife of a hero and a person who organized the “Za svoikh” community.”

Later, Vorontsova, in response to the discussion of the refusal to hold a rally, began writing messages about the dangers of uncoordinated actions and the benefits of appealing to deputies. When some of the chat participants began to insist that the rally was still necessary, because “men are dying,” the official accused them of rudeness and excluded them from the chat, and soon deleted it.

On November 7, relatives of the mobilized held a rally in Moscow – they came out with posters to a rally of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on Manezhnaya Square. Women demanded that their husbands be returned home from the war. The idea of ​​participating in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation rally was previously voiced in the “Way Home” telegram channel.

There are “Way Home” groups in different regions of Russia – supporters of the movement planned a large-scale action for November 19 and began submitting applications for approval of rallies in different cities. They demand that those mobilized remain in the war in Ukraine for no more than a year. At the same time, the authorities refuse to hold events – in addition to Krasnoyarsk, supporters of the movement received similar refusals in Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk.

As the wives of the mobilized emphasized, they decided to switch to “more radical” methods like rallies or pickets, because they “they don’t listen” to the authorities. At the same time, administrators of the “Way Home” groups refuse to give comments to journalists, fearing provocations.


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