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Netievsky revealed who he communicates with from Ural Dumplings after the scandal

MOSCOW, November 15. Actor, ex-participant and producer of the show “Ural Dumplings” Sergei Netievsky told which of his colleagues continues to communicate with after leaving the program.
“”We periodically communicate with Andrei Rozhkov, Sergei Ershov “I'm on good terms with Roma Postovalov. I haven't talked to Yulia Mikhalkova for a long time,” the producer admitted.
He explained that in any team, relationships can be warm with some, cold with others.
“Over the years, relations have cooled, and each side interprets misunderstandings and misunderstandings in its own direction,” Netievsky shared.

He did not rule out that he would discuss the offer to return to the show if such a proposal were received, and expressed gratitude to the project .
“”We lived hand in hand for 20 years. There was a lot of things: ups and downs. Now everyone is self-sufficient individuals, I am grateful for this stage when we grew up together, helped each other reach a higher level,” explained comedian.
After Netievsky left Ural Dumplings in 2015, there were many years of litigation between the producer and the remaining participants, mainly concerning rights to trademarks and filmed video materials.

The Supreme Court put an end to the disputes in February 2022.


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