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Turbo versions of Porsche models received a logo in a new color and a different interior design

The first model to receive new updates, including an emblem in Turbonite color, will be the Panamera Turbo.

German manufacturer Porsche introduced the first 911 Turbo almost 50 years ago, in 1974. According to the brand's chief designer, Michael Mauer, over time, this name – Turbo – became in some way “a more or less independent brand.” He explained that the company decided to make the Turbo versions of Porsche models even more noticeable and different from other versions of the models.

In the photo: logos updated in June (left) and pre-reform (right) logos

As a result, Porsche Color & Trim has developed a “distinctive Turbo aesthetic” that includes other decorative elements. It is worth recalling that back in June of this year the brand updated its corporate logo, which was timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Porsche. Thus, the emblem still retains the coats of arms of the region of Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart, but the golden accents now have no relief base, and the red inserts are made in a honeycomb texture. In addition, the name of Stuttgart, placed in the center of the logo, is written in a new font.

The updated logo for the Turbo versions will now be different: for it, the Porsche Color & Trim has developed a new color called Turbonite. The emblem has been darkened: its golden-red combination has been replaced by a “metallic gray” shade, which comes complete with black.

Details of the new design of Turbo versions of Porsche models

By the way, Turbonite will also be used to design the inscription located on the stern. Even in the exterior of the Turbo versions (depending on the model), this color will be visible on the border of the side glazing, on the aerodynamic blades and on the spokes of the wheel rims, and inserts of the corresponding shade will appear on the front bumper.

The Turbonite color is also present in the interior: it can be seen again on the logo that adorns the steering wheel, seat belts, as well as on various interior decorative elements. In addition, Turbo versions with a black interior also have inserts of a new shade in the trim of the seats, on the door panels, front panel, and also on the floor mats.

It is known that the first model to receive updates will be the Porsche Panamera Turbo. Let us remind you that the debut of the third generation Panamera is scheduled for November 24, it will be held in Dubai. Last week, the brand published pictures of the interior of the future model; it turned out that the new product will borrow some of the interior solutions from its completely “green” relative Taycan.

We previously reported that the third generation models promised four plugs -in hybrid versions (the current generation has three). In addition, it was noted that the new version will be the most powerful in the range, which means that the output of its power plant will be above 700 hp. (870 Nm) for the current top-end version of the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. It is also known that the battery capacity will increase from the current 17.9 to 25.9 kWh.


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