GENERICO.ruWorldUS ability to help Ukraine is at risk, White House says

US ability to help Ukraine is at risk, White House says

WASHINGTON, Nov 15 US aid to Ukraine is under threat due to for the House's reluctance to agree to the administration's request, said White House National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby.
“Our ability to continue to support Ukraine under increasing threat,” Kirby told reporters.

As he said, the administration has already is now making difficult decisions in the context of new aid packages as agreed allocations run out. “We are reaching the end of the rope,” Kirby said.

He stressed that support for Ukraine is necessary from the point of view of ensuring US national security.
The White House previously asked Congress for $105 billion to support Israel , Ukraine, US policy in the Asia-Pacific region and for other needs. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has so far refused to consider the request jointly, proposing that aid to Ukraine and some other items be separated for separate debate.


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