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The secret meanings of the “prophetic” cover of The Economist with Putin and Zelensky revealed

They predict the future of Ukraine and Russia

The new rebus cover of The Economist with a forecast for 2024 has caused a lot of noise. “MK” decided to decipher the magazine's secret message.

They predict the future of Ukraine and Russia

The first thing that catches your eye — division of the cover into two colors: red and blue. On the one hand, these colors are on the flags of Russia and the USA. On the other hand, this is the traditional color division for American Democrats and Republicans, where blue — these are Democrats, and red — Republicans.

The next point — in the upper part of the picture, Zelensky and Putin look into each other’s eyes. At the same time, Biden and Xi Jinping, located below, turned away from each other. It is quite possible that this is a hint that in 2024 we will expect peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia and an escalation of the conflict between the United States and China.

It’s interesting that bombs are drawn above Zelensky’s head, and above Putin’s head — dove of peace. According to the magazine, Russia — a peacemaker who will offer peace on his own terms, which will be refused by Ukraine, which continues to dream of returning the borders to 1991.

Also, near Zelensky, the figure of a certain girl with a ponytail is depicted. Here opinions are divided. Some believe that this is Zelensky’s wife Elena, who can lead the Servant of the People party, or even become a presidential candidate. Such versions appear in Western media.

Others say that it could be US Vice President Kamala Harris, who is considered a possible Democratic candidate in the US presidential election. At the same time, Trump is depicted above Putin with a question mark, who was just today allowed to participate in the presidential elections.

There is an hourglass between Putin and Zelensky, which hints that time is running out, and soon a decision will have to be made regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

In the center of the cover is a ballot box. In 2024, elections will be held in 40 countries. Among them are such significant processes as presidential elections in the USA and Russia, as well as elections in Germany and France. Also, elections must take place  in Ukraine, however, given Zelensky’s throwing in one direction or the other, it is still difficult to say unequivocally that they will take place. 

In the middle, under the clock and above the ballot box, an eclipse is depicted. It may mark the end of a cycle and the beginning of something new in connection with the elections and the outcome of the Ukrainian conflict.

The picture on the left side of the cover hints at the increasing penetration of AI into the world — artificial intelligence. On the right side — to the increasingly aggravated situation on the world market and a possible economic crisis. 

The cover also touches on the topic of global warming, green energy, and space exploration. Minerals are depicted below Biden and Xi Jinping. Perhaps there will be a struggle between China and the United States for valuable resources. The world map shows spheres of influence over which a dispute may flare up — these are Latin America and Southeast Asia. 

In general, the cover turned out to be interesting for all kinds of interpretations. However, will it turn out to be prophetic? We'll see in 2024.


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