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Neolithic artifacts discovered in Kamchatka

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, November 14In Kamchatka, archaeologists have found a site of ancient people of the Neolithic era, the press service of the regional government reported.
“The new object of archaeological heritage “Settlement of Khaikova-1” was discovered during a historical and cultural examination of a land plot located on the territory of the Elizovsky district. The monument was discovered by a detachment of the Research and Production Center for Historical and Cultural Expertise of Vladivostok. The historical find is tentatively dated to the Neolithic era,” says in the message.

The list of finds includes: flakes from various types of stone, including obsidian; end scrapers; tips; tools; fragment of a ceramic bowl, the outer and inner parts of which are covered with green and brown glaze.

According to official documents, the archaeological site was discovered near the territory of the Pearl of Kamchatka sanatorium, which is now closed for reconstruction. The reason for carrying out archaeological work was plans to lay a gas pipeline from the village of Nikolaevka to the city of Vilyuchinsk. Household items of ancient people were found at a depth of half a meter to a meter. The study revealed that this archaeological site is not on the list of protected sites of archaeological and cultural heritage.
By decree of the government of the Kamchatka Territory, the archaeological site is included in the list of cultural heritage sites in the region. This implies a special regime for the use of the land plot within the boundaries of which the “Khaikova-1 Settlement” is located.
The Elizovsky region of Kamchatka is quite well studied archaeologically. The first excavations here were carried out in the 19th century. At the moment, more than 190 archaeological sites from different eras have been discovered on the territory of the municipality. They are located in the valleys of the Paratunka, Vahil, Plotnikova rivers, near the lakes Ostrovnoy, Nalychevo, Bolshoy Vilyui, Tikhoye, Nachikinskoye and others. In total, more than 700 archaeological heritage sites have been identified on the peninsula, the oldest of which is about 13 thousand years old.


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