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“Serious problem”. The US made an unexpected statement about Zelensky

MOSCOW, Nov 16 President Vladimir Zelensky may be the only in Ukraine wants to continue the conflict in its current form, former CIA agent Phil Giraldi said in an interview with the YouTube channel Judging Freedom.
“Zelensky may be the only one left among senior Ukrainian officials who wants to continue hostilities in their current form,” – he suggested.

According to the expert, the head of the republic, for political and, possibly, personal reasons, does not want to end the conflict. Giraldi also added that Zelensky is mistaken in holding such a position. At the same time, the speaker noted that Washington now has another, more serious problem due to the worsening situation in the Middle East.

“Support for Ukraine is collapsing because it is unstable and has always been so,” he concluded .

Recently, Western media are increasingly writing that the West has begun to get tired of the Ukrainian conflict, and support for the Zelensky regime is weakening. After the worsening situation in the Middle East, US President Joe Biden promised to support both Kiev and Tel Aviv.

At the same time, earlier on Thursday, the US Senate voted for a bill to finance the government without additional assistance to Israel and Ukraine . The House of Representatives approved this document on November 14. Now it will be sent to the head of the White House for signature.


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