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“Sasha the Soldier is not here”: the release of the famous killer took place secretly

Alexander Pustovalov could have left the colony several days ago

On the morning of Saturday, November 18, the main killer of the Orekhovskaya organized crime group, Alexander Pustovalov, should leave the colony No. 9 in the village of Monino, Nelidovsky district, Tver region , or, as he was later nicknamed, Sasha the Soldier. But one of the most famous Russian gangsters, it seems, chose to remain incognito upon release (read about the adventures of Sasha the Soldier). MK reporters were unable to meet him at the colony.

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He served 24 years in a maximum security colony for many murders; his list of victims includes the famous killer Alexander Solonik, leaders and authorities of other groups. According to official data, the Soldier was supposed to leave the place of detention on a frosty Saturday morning, but, apparently, the official information turned out to be far from reality.

The colony in the Nelidovsky district is located in the village of Monino: there are several houses around the institution. There is also the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Beautiful, but abandoned, it rises above the colony.

Since early Saturday morning, journalists have been on duty at the institution, some of whom spent the night here. There is silence all around, only dogs are barking somewhere, and in the colony, meanwhile, they are calling to get up for breakfast, at the same time the shift change begins.

This frosty morning of waiting in Monino is brightened up by a rare atmospheric phenomenon – a pillar of light , which appears for a couple of minutes in the sky. Meanwhile, everything is unchanged in the colony – only FSIN employees came out to record the license plates of the cars in the parking lot.

Time passes, and the colony staff politely hint that “there is nothing to catch here.” And, oddly enough, they may be right. As eyewitnesses told the journalist, most likely the famous killer left the colony much earlier than the officially designated period.

– He changed his image, now he seems to have grown a beard. They took him out of the colony on Thursday evening, says a source from MK.

It is not possible to confirm or refute this information. But there is definitely logic in it: Sasha Pustovalov still has enemies from the “dashing 90s”, and in order to prevent all unpleasant situations, an appropriate decision was made. Eyewitnesses also spoke about several cars that had been parked near the colony for the last two days. Some even say that they heard a dialogue on Friday, November 17, between the people from the minivan and the colony employees: they say they must deliver Sasha the Soldier to his destination, but which one was not indicated. The people from the minivan were worried that Pustovalov might not go with them at all. The employees responded that Pustovalov “is no longer here.” There are absolutely incredible rumors – they say he could have been transported to another colony and released there. One thing is certain: quite recently Pustovalov was in Nelidovo, and even a friend came to see him. Which, however, no one really remembered.


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