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And you, go past! How Zagitova escaped the captivity of authorities

Olympic champion Alina Zagitova regularly blows up the information field. Last week she shocked many with a revealing outfit; on Thursday she dressed in pink and presented her clothing collection. Sport explains what caused the figure skater’s provocative behavior.
If Alina Zagitova had not been in our figure skating, she would definitely have been worth inventing. It sounds banal, but the absolute truth is that no one and nothing else generates such a volume of viewer interest. No longer essentially an active athlete, Alina does not crawl out of news digests, and sometimes even heads them. Few people succeed in this.
But at what cost? The trouble with Alina Zagitova as an image is that she was a prisoner of authority for a significant part of her adult life. Don’t say too much, be grateful, keep a low profile and, of course, #workon – all this, of course, helped not to be distracted by unnecessary things during a sports career, but at the same time, it was thanks to such attitudes that the image of a good girl was formed among the masses, almost that is transparent from its sterile ideality. And here – extravagant looks on the verge of a sexual revolution, violation of traffic rules, mini-scandals with the press and manifestations in all possible guises.

Someone will say “the girl got the hang of it” and, perhaps, they will even be right – but to what extent? To shocking as a means of fighting something or to a simple opportunity to be yourself? The temptation is great to choose the first option, because there are too many of these “inevitables” and the rest. It may seem that sometimes Alina deliberately does something so that she will be “scold” (a word from the champion’s vocabulary, if anything) by haters – unless you know, of course, that in reality she reacts somewhat to harsh and sometimes even rude criticism painful.

It seems that despite all the detachment of the image of the present Zagitova from the earthly, let’s say, world, she has not lost in sincerity. It’s just that everyone has their own – some like the rigor of style and thought, while others want to fool around in front of everyone, like in childhood. Alina’s childhood did not have this in the broad sense – so why not experience wonderful moments of carelessness at least now?

Yes, Alina can be funny. Yes, there are a lot of “manifestations” of it, and it’s already starting to turn into a meme. Yes, she “shows her legs” – and many, I suspect, even like it. But this is her life, and no one has the right to dictate to her how to live it. Of course, her every step will be discussed – that’s what everything was designed for. And this is normal – there is no publicity without hate and washing one’s bones. But is it worth trying so earnestly to remake a person?
Moreover, everything has not changed that much. With the exception of the glamorous overlay, Alina essentially remained herself. She is still sweet and kind with fans, still remembers journalists with whom she spoke many years ago, and tries not to refuse anyone a photo or autograph, even though her media presence has long reached such proportions that such little things You don’t have to waste your time.
She remained kind, and this is, perhaps, the most important thing in life. So, no matter what Alina fights with all the power of her manifestations, let it be her right. We all have a choice – either support her, or just pass by.


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