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Relatives of those mobilized in Novosibirsk were prohibited from going to the rally; Instead, officials held a meeting with them at the Palace of Culture

In the Novosibirsk House of Culture named after the October Revolution, a meeting was held between relatives of those mobilized and participants in the war with officials; Initially, relatives of the men sent to Ukraine planned a rally, but the authorities refused to hold it.

“The rally is over. Constructive individual work began on each situation. We’ll summarize the results later, it’s difficult to talk now, we need to rethink everything,” says the telegram channel “Rally in support of the mobilized. Novosibirsk”.

The Telegram channel appeared a week ago, on November 12. The first post said that most of those mobilized are at war “without rotation, many without vacations.” In addition, the wounded are sent back to the front line until they fully recover. The same publication announced a “concerted rally” on November 19 at the Globus Theater fountain.

Among the demands, the organizers of the rally named limiting the period of conscription of those mobilized in the war to one year, the commissioning of all wounded, as well as expanding the list of diseases in connection with which conscripts could be transferred to the reserve.

The authors of the channel planned to gather at least 300 people. Women were asked to write which of their loved ones was at war, and also indicate the condition of their sons or husbands. More than 140 comments were left under this post – only a few of them about serious injuries and lack of rotation. Some commentators accused the organizers of the rally of “working out the tasks of the United States” and “stirring up the situation in Russia.”

On November 14, it became known that local authorities did not approve the rally. Then they decided to hold it “in a closed room in the presence exclusively of those who are directly related to the mobilized.” The organizers explained this change by saying that “the enemies brazenly and dirtyly took advantage of the pain.”

“The event will be with posters, the press and government officials who are ready to convey all the information to those to whom it is addressed,” the organizers promised.

On November 17, TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov wrote that the creators of the channel “Rally in support of the mobilized. Novosibirsk” – “participants in subversive activities.” As a result, representatives of only two state television channels OTS and Vesti were allowed to attend today’s rally, the Kurier.Sreda correspondent reported. According to his estimate, no more than 30 people came to the recreation center, and all of them were “in a frightened state.” He added: “There are more police officers than mobilized people, including officials at various levels.”

The organizers of the event, in turn, wrote that more than 30 people gathered for the meeting, and they were not intimidated. “We were NOT intimidated, they did NOT shut our mouths with payments, there were MUCH MORE THAN 30 PEOPLE, we are NOT related to the “Way Home” channel, we said “hello” to V. Solovyov,” – says in their post.

Previously, the wives of those mobilized were denied permission to carry out similar actions in Krasnoyarsk and Moscow. In both cases, the pretext was sanitary measures. In addition, in Krasnoyarsk, an assistant to a deputy of the local regional parliament received administrator rights for the chat of the mobilized wives, and then deleted it.


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