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“Surprised.” The US announced Germany's surprise for Ukraine

MOSCOW, November 19. Germany’s desire to continue financial and military assistance to Ukraine was a surprise, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson said in an interview with the Dialogue Works YouTube channel.

"The only country that has declared its readiness to continue supporting (Kiev – Editor's note) – this is Germany. And it's kind of a surprise. The German economy is not in the best condition right now, so it remains to be seen whether they will be able to keep their promise,” the expert emphasized.

As Johnson noted, despite Berlin’s position, there was a generally united Western front that sent weapons to Kiev and money, is beginning to slowly fall apart.

As Bild previously reported, the ruling coalition in Germany plans to increase the volume of aid to Ukraine. A source in the German Ministry of Defense told the newspaper about a possible doubling of the amount planned to be allocated to Kyiv: instead of four billion euros, Berlin intends to send eight billion.


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