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The court approved 6 years in prison for the Astrakhan student Verdinyan in the treason case; the defense insisted he was provoked

The First Court of Appeal of General Jurisdiction upheld the sentence of the accused in treason to 21-year-old student Gleb Verdiyan. A Mediazona correspondent reported this from the courtroom.

In September, the Moscow City Court sentenced the young man to six years in a maximum security colony and a fine of 200 thousand rubles. In the appeal, lawyer Kadyrov, who represented Verdiyan in the Moscow City Court, indicated that his client himself did not commit any illegal actions.

“He was provoked into committing a crime by a person who has an account in [the seizure],” the reporting judge quoted the document.

Verdiyan himself in his last word asked to commute his sentence, since his mother and grandmother need help.

“Dear court, during the period of my stay in the pre-trial detention center, I realized everything and am asking for a punishment not related to imprisonment due to the fact that my mother and grandmother were left completely alone and needed my help. I need to return to my family and to college. I want to be useful to my family and society. Being here, I understood everything. I apologize to the court, to my homeland and to my family,” the student said.

Gleb Verdiyan is one of the youngest accused of treason that is publicly known. He was a second-year student at the Faculty of Economics at the Astrakhan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (AGASU).

In October last year, the young man was detained in Moscow on an administrative case of petty hooliganism (Part 2 of Article 20.1 of the Administrative Code). According to the police, the student was “disturbing public order” at a bus stop near the airport. First, he was placed under administrative arrest for 10 days, and when this period expired, he was placed in a pre-trial detention center on charges of treason. No details of the accusation are known.


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