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Putin met with the head of the Federal Tax Service Egorov

MOSCOW, November 21. Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the head of the Federal Tax Service Daniil Egorov, the conversation took place the day before, November 20, late in the evening.
At the beginning of the conversation, Putin asked Egorov about the Federal Tax Service’s forecasts for tax revenues to the Russian budget for 2023.

“Daniil Vyacheslavovich, what are our forecasts? It should be around 46 trillion, right?” – Putin asked.

The head of the Federal Tax Service confirmed the announced plans: “Yes, absolutely right, Vladimir Vladimirovich.”
Egorov also spoke about the results of the tax reform in terms of payments. For example, he said that now the Federal Tax Service automatically issues all the necessary certificates for participation in tender procedures, a solution has been found that allows tax data to be immediately uploaded to accounting systems.
“That is, not only is this much more convenient for all participants in this process, both for the state, and mainly for taxpayers, it also leads to an increase in collection rates,” Putin noted.
Federal Tax Service (FTS) based on the results 10 months have already transferred 37.6 trillion rubles to the budget, said Daniil Egorov.
“”We see from the results of 10 months that we have already reached 37.6 trillion. This is a plus, in fact, 3.6 trillion rubles compared to last year,” said Egorov.
According to him, the Federal Tax Service will be able to reach the forecast figure of 46 trillion rubles by the end of the year. “We plan that yes. There is every reason for this… Last year we had 42 trillion rubles for the year – the total budget, and this year it will be 46, respectively. That is, we will have 4 trillion plus,” he said head of the Federal Tax Service.


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