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The final is near! How Russia conquers the world at the Miss Universe 2023 competition

MOSCOW, November 18, Yulia Zachetova. The finals of the Miss Universe 2023 international pageant will take place in El Salvador on Saturday. Our country will be represented by 22-year-old Margarita Golubeva. The reigning Miss Russia has already performed well in the semi-finals, receiving thousands of rave reviews from the jury and spectators.

Talent and charm: what is known about Miss Russia 2023

Margarita Golubeva comes from St. Petersburg. She grew up in a large family, the eldest of four children. Since childhood, I have been interested in music and creativity; by the age of 15, I decided to try my hand at acting and signed up for a casting for a commercial.

And then it’s like in a movie. Rita accidentally walked into the wrong door and ended up in a modeling agency, where she was noticed and offered a job. She signed a big contract, participated in shows, photo shoots, and then in beauty contests. Thus, she became Miss Student Russia – 2021 and first vice-Miss Europe – 2023.

She successfully combined her modeling career with her studies. She made it to the All-Russian stage of the Olympiad in Economics, and then entered the Customs Academy.

This year Margarita took a risk and decided to participate in the Miss Russia competition – together with more than 85 thousand girls from all over the country.

“Based on the results of all castings during the year, we selected 50 finalists who took part in the Miss Russia 2023 competition.” From the first day, Margarita stood out not only for her external appearance, but also for her brilliant talent, charm, maximum composure, and desire to work. I believe that all these qualities helped her attract the attention of the jury and get the highest score in the finals,” said Anastasia Belyak, general director of the Miss Russia contest.

After the victory, Margarita Golubeva signed a contract with Miss Russia and began large and serious preparations for Miss Universe.

In the dress of the Swan Princess: a beauty from Russia conquers the world

"For the first time in the history of the winners of “Miss Russia” we had only three weeks to prepare for the international competition. But with such a miss as Margarita, we were confident that our team would cope in such a short time,” explained Anastasia Belyak.

Margarita Golubeva arrived in El Salvador in early November. She brought with her many stylish outfits, which she demonstrated at Miss Universe events.

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One of the most striking images is in the delightful costume of the Swan Princess, which was created by St. Petersburg designer Olga Malyarova, taking Russian fairy tales and the famous painting by Mikhail Vrubel as a basis.

As Olga admitted, the idea appeared last year, but it was only possible to implement it this year. As it turned out, it was just in time.

"I was glad that people, not yet knowing the idea of ​​​​the dress, exclaimed: “Oh, this is Vrubel, “The Swan Princess!” – says Malyarova. “I think the team and I did a great job.”

To decorate the white dress, the designer used freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, as well as jewelry with crystal and semi-precious stones. The corset was decorated with French lace, and the skirt was embroidered with thousands of layers of fine tulle.


“The space between them is less than a centimeter, and each layer is carved in the shape of the sun. This is heavy equipment. It took us three months just to make the skirt,” Olga clarifies.

It took no less effort to create a kokoshnik, which complemented the dress and connected the image with the main idea and “The Swan Princess” by Vrubel.

"We wanted it to match the dress, to be a copy of the painting – and so that all this would not fall off. The task turned out to be difficult. Moreover, there was very little time left for the kokoshnik. We prepared the dress over the course of a year, and made the headdress in just two weeks. “I had to stay awake at night,” admits the designer.

This is not the first time Olga has sewed outfits for the Miss Universe competition. Last year, she created a luxurious red velvet dress “Crown of the Russian Empire”, in which Anna Linnikova represented our country.

The final is close: competition for Miss Universe

A total of 86 girls from all over the world came to El Salvador to compete for the crown. Each of them has a busy schedule: everyone participates in charity and cultural events, trains, rehearses and, of course, communicates.


"Any beauty contest is competition. The participants are vying for the title of the most beautiful girl in the Universe,” noted Anastasia Belyak. “And yet, first of all, qualities such as teamwork, the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of our world, to express oneself, about one’s views, and to emphasize the importance of the female voice are valued. This year Margarita succeeds in everything. She has developed wonderful relationships with representatives of different countries.”

Margarita herself said that, despite the heavy workload (the girl sleeps four hours a day) and lack of time, she was able to make friends with some contestants from other countries .

«< p>“There are a huge number of beautiful, talented girls at the competition,” Miss Russia said in her blog. — Purely human relations with participants from Nepal, Zimbabwe. I really like their stance on plus-size women. I also communicate well with my neighbors from Latvia and Poland.”

Margarita Golubeva thanked everyone who worries about her and supports her. And she added that she feels confident to adequately represent our country in the finals of the competition this weekend.

And with slight excitement before going on stage, Miss Russia admitted, she usually “dances” behind the scenes.


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