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In Obninsk, actor Chirkov, who smoked on stage, was expelled from a children's competition

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YAROSLAVL, November 20. Russian actor Sergei Chirkov, who smoked on stage and swore obscenities, was kicked out of the children's talent competition in Obninsk, Kaluga region, said the director of the city Palace of Culture Irina Pakhomova .
The day before, the final of the youth patriotic project “Energy of the Streets” for children and youth (12+) took place. The project is aimed at supporting talented children and teenagers. Chirkov (film “Brownie”) was invited as a special guest. On Sunday evening, the Shot and Baza Telegram channels published several videos filmed before the start of the final. In the footage, the 39-year-old actor behaves strangely – in particular, he lies on the stage and smokes. In one video, trying to give some advice to the children, he is rude and swears.

"The situation is unpleasant for us, of course. We do not hide this at all. For the guys, everything seemed to end on a positive note, because we held the event by neutralizing a person who was not really needed at this event. Accordingly, in the final everyone was already happy. I think this story will be forgotten,” said Pakhomova.

According to her, Chirkov’s condition was “floating.”

“Of course, when the children said that he tried to set them up for informal communication in this way and this caused misunderstanding, I decided that we will no longer cooperate with him. Although all this was on a voluntary basis, there was no fee, it was such an act of friendship, but it failed,” added the director of the cultural center.
Seeing the actor’s defiant behavior, Pakhomova “neutralized” him as much as possible, protecting him from people, “so that he wouldn’t shine.”
“I negotiated with him, saying that we don’t need his presence. After which I sent him to Moscow,” added the agency’s interlocutor.
The actor has not yet apologized to the organizers and participants of the competition, she concluded.


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