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Kondratyuk explained the mistake in the short program in Moscow as stupidity

MOSCOW, November 26, Andrey Simonenko. Olympic champion Mark Kondratyuk called a mistake on a spin in the short program at the Russian Grand Prix in Moscow stupid.
Kondratyuk became second at the Moscow tournament. On Saturday, he missed a spin in the short program, causing him to lose points.
“”Rather, positive feelings based on the results. The performances were far from ideal in many aspects, but I’m glad that there was progress regarding Omsk. At least in points, in the number of elements made. On Saturday I was upset that I made a very stupid mistake , I didn’t have anything like that. It was stupidity, I just forgot. There’s a first time for everything, I hope it was the last. Everyone forgets something – a passport, for example, I’m a forgetting person in life too. Probably for my level of skating “This is stupid, but we have to move on. But I heard a lot of jokes from everyone, the mood was great,” Kondratyuk told reporters.
In November, Kondratyuk performed in Ilya Averbukh’s show “Carmen.” “The developments in terms of Spanish movements helped me skate in the show.” Carmen,” and certain moments from the show, where you are not so worried, help to transfer this into the program,” the skater noted.


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