GENERICO.ruSportTarasova regrets the possible change of citizenship of the Morozova/Eremenko couple

Tarasova regrets the possible change of citizenship of the Morozova/Eremenko couple

MOSCOW, November 29, Oleg Bogatov. Pair of figure skaters Annabel Morozova and Igor Eremenko, in case of a change of citizenship, will be able to gain the right to compete at the World and European Championships, said Honored Coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova.
The dance duo Morozova/Eremenko is considering the idea of ​​changing their sports citizenship, two sources unrelated to each other previously reported. At the moment, according to agency sources, the athletes are exploring the option of joining the French national team. In addition, the agency's sources reported that Morozova/Eremenko left coach Anzhelika Krylova, with whom they worked this season. Currently, the couple is considering moving to the United States, where they will be supervised by their partner’s father, coach and choreographer Nikolai Morozov.
““I’m sorry, in my opinion, this is a very good couple,” said Tarasova, assessing the possible departure of the athletes. “Morozova does not need to change her citizenship, because she is a citizen of France. Eremenko? Tomorrow they got married and he will have citizenship. “I think that in France they will immediately compete at the European and World Championships. They are a good couple, so I am sorry (that they will change citizenship).”

Plans to change citizenship among athletes appeared about six months ago. At the same time, the skaters initially expected to perform at the Russian Championship and after that, if necessary, begin the process of processing documents. However, this season Morozova/Eremenko were unable to compete at any stage of the Russian Grand Prix due to an injury to their partner. At the stage in Krasnoyarsk, Morozova collided with Elizaveta Shanaeva during the skate, receiving a leg injury. The couple was able to show a rhythm dance, but withdrew from the free dance, so this result is not taken into account in the final table.

Since the selection for the current year's Russian Championship was based on the results of the Grand Prix, the skaters lost the opportunity to gain the right to perform at the main start of the domestic season according to official criteria. Morozova has Russian, American and French citizenship. Before forming a couple with Eremenko, she performed with Andrei Bagin and David Narizhny. Eremenko became the winner of the Grand Prix Final among juniors together with his previous partner Sofia Shevchenko.


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