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Fun options for Tesla Cybertruck: “broken” windows, battery-suitcase and paint-wrapper

Last night, Tesla presented the long-awaited production version of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, all currently known technical details are outlined in our separate note, and here we’ll talk about the interesting and unexpected options that Tesla has prepared for its miracle truck.

The presentation of the production Cybertruck pickup truck was quite short, Elon Musk spoke only about the most advantageous features of the pickup truck – for example, the outstanding acceleration dynamics, and all other details surfaced later on the official Tesla website, the American media meticulously studied them and even asked some clarification questions to Tesla representatives.

The most unexpected feature of the Cybertruck pickup was the Range Extender option. Usually in the automotive world this phrase means a type of plug-in hybrid in which the internal combustion engine is used as an electric range extender, but, as it turned out, the Tesla pickup truck does not have a hybrid version. When applied to the Cybertruck, the phrase Range Extender refers to an additional suitcase-shaped battery pack that allows you to increase the pickup's range on a single charge by approximately 200 km.

It is unknown how much the additional battery will cost. Who and how will install it is also unclear. It is only clear that the solution was not very elegant, since the removable battery-suitcase occupies a significant part of the volume of the body, while under the floor of the body there is an additional luggage niche – why couldn’t an additional battery pack be placed there?

< img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/8ee3f7f0ae77fbce5b9c3de61e7eda9e.jpg" /> 1/2 2/2 < p>The body of the Cybertruck is made of stainless steel armor and does not require painting; by default, all Tesla pickups released from the factory have a natural matte silver color. Before the start of production, Elon Musk stated that those who wanted to get a Cybertruck in the color they wanted could order a vinyl film on the side, but in the end the company itself decided to offer a durable polyurethane-based PPF film. This film can be black or white, the price is $6,500. As an alternative, a transparent film is offered for $5,000.

The funniest and most affordable option ($55) is a clear crack-mimicking sticker for the rear door windows. Let us recall that in 2019, at the presentation of the Cybertruck prototype, Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, wanting to demonstrate the strength of the pickup truck’s unique tempered glass, threw a steel ball at it, but the glass broke. Later, the embarrassment was explained by the fact that before throwing the ball, von Holzhausen hit the doors of the pickup truck with a sledgehammer, which damaged the glass. The pickup's broken windows immediately became a meme, and now they can be flaunted on the production model, but, alas, “cracks” cannot be ordered for the front doors, as they would limit visibility. However, it is clear that there will be a car of alternative “cracks” on the secondary market.

Built into the body The tent-tent for the Cybertruck costs $2,975, and when assembled, it, like the additional battery, is a suitcase docked to the rear wall of the cabin. These two options, apparently, do not conflict with each other: the additional battery is located below the conditional waterline (the belt line of the electric vehicle), the packaging with a tent is above.

Well, and a few more interesting little things: embossed wheel caps for a pickup truck cost $75 apiece, tow loops — $40, cross rails for the roof — $800, a ramp for the body (you can use it to roll a motorcycle into the back) – $400. Let us remind you that the minimum retail price of the pickup itself is $60,990.


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