GENERICO.ruRussiaIn Moscow, security forces came to a meeting of communist internationalists; several participants were beaten and detained

In Moscow, security forces came to a meeting of communist internationalists; several participants were beaten and detained

The day before in Moscow, police officers and employees of Center “E” came to the event “Organizations of Communist Internationalists” at the Kronos center near the Paveletskaya metro station. This was reported in the organization’s telegram channel.

“Yesterday, security forces burst into an event in Moscow, forcing participants face down on the floor and placing them in uncomfortable positions near the walls. Some of them were beaten on the legs, taken to other rooms, choked, tortured with a stun gun, humiliated and insulted,” the organization said in a statement.

According to event participants, the police “let some people leave, but those who were considered the organizers of the event were kept in the center.” They demanded that those who came to the meeting provide their phone passwords.

Police officers detained at least four people, writes the human rights project OVD-Info, citing an acquaintance of the detainees, but there may be more. At the same time, the organization itself talks about three detainees, one of whom was released from the Ministry of Internal Affairs department in the Zamoskvoretsky district.

The names of two other detainees are known: Oleg Bulaev and Maxim Kiryushin. Around 1 a.m., the police told OVD-Info lawyer Oscar Cherdzhiev that the young people had been taken away for a medical examination and were going to draw up reports on them for drinking alcohol in public places (Article 20.20 of the Administrative Code). According to the Organization of Communist Internationalists, it is unknown where Bulaev and Kiryushin are now.

According to the organization, at the Chronos center and the police department, Bulaev was beaten with batons and his hands were twisted, which is why he “began to limp and lose consciousness.” A subscriber to the telegram channel “Black Book of Capitalism” said that the security forces “especially tortured” one of the organizers of the event: they beat him on the legs and calves, causing him to fall and ask to call him an ambulance.

On the evening of December 2, “Organization” Communists-Internationalists”, citing lawyer Cherdzhiev, reported that Bulaev and Kiryushin continue to be held in the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zamoskvoretsky district, they are promised to be released tomorrow. In both cases, protocols were drawn up regarding disobedience to the security forces (Article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). The administrative court hearing will take place on December 6.

The event at the Chronos center was called “Transitional demands as a political tool in the struggle for the revolution.” According to the announcement, it discussed “the principles and tactics necessary for a revolutionary Marxist organization.” The address was sent to the participants only after registration.

Updated at 19:17: Information about the protocols and the location of the detainees has been clarified.


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