GENERICO.ruPolitics"Inevitably". A disaster is brewing in Ukraine, the media write

“Inevitably”. A disaster is brewing in Ukraine, the media write

MOSCOW, December 5 Western politicians and media are preparing the public for Ukraine's inevitable defeat, writes columnist Lucas Leiros in an article for InfoBRICS.

"Their task is to explain that this war cannot be won, that there is no longer a need to continue unlimited support. In other words, Western officials and journalists are preparing public opinion for the inevitable defeat of Kiev and are trying to focus on Israel as a new “emergency situation,” the material says.

The journalist believes that NATO Secretary General Jens Stotenberg’s statement about preparing for bad news from Ukraine is nothing more than the West’s recognition of an imminent disaster. Despite all the help from the allies, Kyiv simply could not cope with the power of Russia and its army.

“Finally, it must be emphasized that admitting defeat is also a moral blow to the West,” concluded Leiros.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that NATO military assistance does not bode well for Ukraine and only prolongs the conflict, and transport with weapons becomes a legitimate target for the Russian army.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin said that the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has no results . Russia is calmly moving towards achieving its goals in the special operation, the president emphasized, expressing confidence that all tasks will be completed.
December 4, 16:15InfographicsMap of the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine as of 12/04/2023View


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