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Everything will be worse. The US warned Zelensky about a large-scale disaster

MOSCOW, December 5 Ukraine will lose even more territories, if he refuses to capitulate unconditionally, said American journalist Clayton Morris on the Redacted Youtube channel.

"Things could get even worse. Things could get much worse for Ukraine. <…> Imagine, if the Ukrainians do not surrender unconditionally, how far will Russia advance and how much more land will it take control of? And very soon this country will completely collapse, it will have no access to the sea. <…> What will happen on the western side when Poland decides to take the lands it wants? “Ukraine will cease to exist as a country,” he considered.

He also pointed out that the Ukrainian leadership made a terrible mistake by abandoning the Minsk agreements, and now the longer the conflict goes on, the worse it will be for Ukraine, which could lose everything.

Russia has repeatedly expressed its readiness for negotiations, but the Kiev authorities have introduced a ban on them at the legislative level. The Kremlin also noted that now there are no prerequisites for the situation to transition to a peaceful direction, while achieving the goals of the special operation remains an absolute priority for Moscow. According to President Vladimir Putin, Russia has never refused dialogue, but the other side must say so directly.


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