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Navalny said that censorship in the colony confiscates all letters from lawyers, and he was also not given an application for a dental examination

The censor of Vladimir correctional colony No. 6, where Alexei Navalny is imprisoned, seized an application for an appointment with a dentist, submitted by the politician’s lawyers; it was determined “to contain the elements of a crime.” Navalny's story was quoted by his associates.

“Now, by the way, 100% of letters coming from lawyers are seized by censorship as “criminal,” I cannot receive a single legal document,” added the oppositionist.

Alexey Navalny has not been given the opportunity to undergo a dental examination and have his teeth treated for almost a year. In this regard, he filed a lawsuit against the colony. At one of the court hearings, employees of IK-6 promised to send the politician to a doctor if he wrote a statement requesting this.

As the oppositionist explained, “it’s a big statement, with attachments, you can’t write it yourself,” so he turned to a lawyer. When the politician asked the jailers where the statement was, he was told: “It was seized by censorship as containing signs of a crime.”

On October 13, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow sent three lawyers who defended Navalny to pre-trial detention – Vadim Kobzev, Alexei Liptser and Igor Sergunin. They are accused of participating in an extremist community (Part 2 of Article 282.1 of the Criminal Code) due to the transfer of letters from the politician to his associates.

In addition, last month, colony staff stopped giving Navalny letters from his wife, as they “contained signs of preparation for a crime.” The politician has previously said that employees of correctional colony No. 6 in Melekhovo are depriving him of the right to correspondence under this pretext.

1ArticlePowering. Simulator of the punishment cell in which Alexei Navalny is kept almost all the time

In early November, it also became known that employees of the Vladimir IK-6 maximum security prison, according to the report, “physical force was used four times during the day” in regarding Navalny. According to the jailers, this was a response to the politician’s refusal to leave his cell. Then the oppositionist was sent to a punishment cell for the 22nd time since the summer of 2022. After that, he was placed in the isolation ward again.


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