GENERICO.ruCrimeThe eighth-grader who opened fire at a Bryansk school said goodbye with two terrible words

The eighth-grader who opened fire at a Bryansk school said goodbye with two terrible words

“For two days she was not herself,” explained the girl’s mother

MK found out new circumstances of the tragedy in Bryansk gymnasium No. 5, where schoolgirl Alina started shooting this morning, and then committed suicide. The girl prepared for the crime for several days and in the morning, when she left for school, she already knew what she would commit. Alina studied at this school from the first grade. Her twin sister Masha (name changed) studied with her.

“For two days she was not herself,” explained the girl’s mother

Today the 8th grade, where the tragedy occurred, was supposed to come to school for the second lesson – biology. Masha arrived on time, but Alina was a few minutes late. Apparently, she spent this time packing the gun. When she walked along the corridor, the head teacher saw her and noticed that the girl was holding her – volume package.

Alina entered the classroom when the biology teacher handed out notebooks. She did not aim at anyone in particular, but fired rather chaotically, but she shot specifically at people. Several guys rushed in all directions. Those who fell escaped with fairly minor injuries – for example, the victim Marina (name changed) received a leg injury. The most seriously injured was the boy, who was on his feet and received bullet wounds in the arm and torso.

According to Alina’s class teacher, chemistry teacher Lyudmila Zhireshonkova (she had already been interrogated), the girl was very reserved. “She’s even too quiet,” – the teacher explained. The woman also said that two months ago Alina had a conflict with other girls from the class. “We then held a meeting with the parents. There was no reason as such. It’s just that the more active girls were in conflict with the less active ones – Alina. Then I explained that you need to be able to negotiate. And it seemed like after that they began to communicate normally.”

We also managed to find out how Alina’s morning went in the family. She didn't eat breakfast, which surprised her mother. By the way, Alina’s mother noticed that her daughter had not been herself for the last two days. “She almost didn’t talk, didn’t answer questions. But she’s generally very silent,” – explained the mother, who works as a caretaker in court.

Before leaving, Alina said only two words to her mother: “Don’t howl.” The woman did not understand what her daughter meant. Apparently, it was meant that mom would cry when she found out about what happened. Less than an hour later, tragedy occurred.

At the same time, the school says that the family has always been in good standing. Alina's father works in the security service of the Bryansk Beer Plant. The girl borrowed a gun from him, from which she shot her classmates.


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