GENERICO.ruCrimeThe diary of a schoolgirl who shot her classmates has been published: “The creatures are tormenting my psyche”

The diary of a schoolgirl who shot her classmates has been published: “The creatures are tormenting my psyche”

The diary of a schoolgirl who shot her classmates has been published: "Creatures are tormenting my psyche"

Telegram channel 112 reports that an 8th grade student at a Bryansk school, who killed a classmate and wounded five other teenagers, kept a diary on a social network and described her preparations for the crime. The information is confirmed by Baza and indicates that the girl ran a telegram channel, but there was only one entry in it – from August 2, which she constantly updated until the beginning of December. The authenticity of this diary has not yet been officially confirmed.

According to published screenshots, the girl was offended by her classmates, although earlier the media published statements from teachers and other students who claimed that the schoolgirl allegedly did not have any conflicts. However, in her diary, the schoolgirl wrote that her classmates tortured her, that she cried and hated school. She also wrote that “she is not a terrorist or a school shooter,” but wants to take revenge on “a couple of vile people” who allegedly ruined her life, and is also thinking about suicide. In addition, there is an entry in the diary in which a schoolgirl accuses her twin sister of allegedly laughing at her and insulting her with her friends, including at home, in her room.

From the publication it follows that the schoolgirl was going to take the gun and use it against her enemies on September 1, but on that day she did not find it in the safe – her father allegedly took the weapon to the garage. She also writes that she is looking for information about making explosives and handling firearms. Messages discussing the murder are interspersed with complaints about bad relationships with others. Thus, a schoolgirl stated that at the very beginning of the school year, a classmate, in the presence of the entire class, specially gave her the most shabby textbooks and everyone laughed at her. In addition, the schoolgirl complains about her relatives: “Day after day with bullying. Even at home there is a lost father and a lost sister.”

“The creatures are tormenting my psyche as much as possible. I’m afraid to shoot and commit suicide…” – also said in the messages.

The schoolgirl admits that she can no longer “tolerate their antics” and “has lost the point of waiting until I grow up.”

“Absolutely everyone hates me, but now I will love you,” reads one of the last messages.

The diary ends with an entry dated December 6, in which the schoolgirl fears that her father may soon take the gun away for good.


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