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Putin's election campaign has de facto begun, the Kremlin said

MOSCOW, December 8 Election campaign of the current president The Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin has de facto begun, de jure has not yet, since he has not yet been registered as a candidate, said press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.
“”If you want to say de facto, well, probably yes, if you want to say de jure, then no. He has not yet been registered as a candidate, we will inform you how he will run for office. He still needs to register as a candidate, complete all the necessary formalities, and only after that he will become a presidential candidate during election campaign,” Peskov told reporters.
The presidential press secretary added that all the nuances of Putin's election campaign have yet to be determined; as the head of state makes decisions, the relevant information will appear.

” Of course, you asked a lot of questions about the headquarters, about how Putin is being presented, and so on. Well, look, elections were called yesterday, today Putin confirmed his intention to participate, announced his intention to participate. Therefore, everything else is still nuances to be determined. As Putin makes relevant decisions, we will inform you,” he said.

Earlier, the head of state, after asking DPR hero Artem Zhoga about participating in the presidential elections, said that at different times he had different thoughts, but now he will run.
The Federation Council scheduled the presidential elections of the Russian Federation for March 17, 2024. As follows from the results of the latest VTsIOM poll, 78.5% of Russians trust Russian President Vladimir Putin, 75.8% reported that approve of his activities.


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